justin biber concert ticket and tour dates 2018

Justin is a hard working guy and he truly deserve it. When he was just about 2 to 3 years old, his mom brought a drum for him.                                                             He has knowledge about all the instruments like guitar, piano and many more. When he was growing up he was polishing his singing skills.
His mom used to upload his video on youtube to share his art with his family and friends.  Gradually he was becoming famous and he get more popularity when his song "baby"hit the billboard. And girls became crazy for his hairstyle.
He is a well known pop sensation now. He made it all by his smart work and hard work.  His recently released music album again broke the billboard record. Many songs like "love yourself", "sorry", "what do you mean", "purpose",  "company" built record. These songs went viral on the release of the album in the first week.

But the song who built his wall of fame were the songs of al…

Titan watches

Titan company-
Titan Company is a manufacturing company that produces India's largest and best-known range of personal accessories — watches, jewellery, sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Precision engineering is another area of specialisation that Titan Company excels in. The company was established in 1984 as a joint venture between Tata and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.

Main brands

Watches: The four main watch brands include Titan for the mid-premium segment, Fastrack focused on the youth and trendy fashion space, Sonata for the mass market and Xylys for the premium market. The Titan brand architecture comprises several sub-brands, each of which is a market leader in own space. Notable among them are Titan Edge, Titan Raga, Nebula and  other collections such as Zoop, Orion, Purple, Obaku, Automatic, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane and the HTSE series. 
SEE LESS Description Watches not only help you keep track of time but also add elegance and complete your look. When…

Ariana grand up comming concert tickets &tour date 2018

I HeartRadio's KIIS FM Wango Tango  by AT&T 2018
Banc of California Stadium ,Los Angeles,CA,US
Line-up : Ariana Grande ,Miguel,Meghan Trainor ,Swan Mendes,5 Seconds of Summer,Logic,Janelle Monae ,Marshmello, and NF
Tickets are on sale for 3 days ,the event is within a mounth at 2 June Saterday!
Hurry! Selling fast. On sale for 3 days           Venue           Banc of California Stadium
           3939 S. Figueroa St.           90037           Los Angeles, CA, US               1 upcoming concert         Additional details            Doors open: 17:30             drh

A fan words I think the Wells Fargo Center is an outstanding arena. Sound is always great, and no matter how far up you are, you always seem to have a great time. With that being said, When I saw Ariana with my mom, I had such a great time. A lot of people don't understand, but seated tick…

NOBEl - A lost child iechi part -1 (when iechi was at the door of a new life)

Part -1   Page -3
When iechi opened her eyes she found that a lot of kids were around her.They were asking eachother who is she ,is she a new member of our community .
The all kids were beggar ,it was there work begging in the front of the temple and from this they used to earn a little amount of money .
But this money was precious because they get food of night from this . If any day a coin would be less in 30 rupees .So they would have to sleep hungery that night.
So these all kids made a community , this community was the group of children whicj was handicaps, some kids  run from there home , some were orphans and some were lost like iechi.
The girls of that community attracted by the beautiful frock of iechi.they were pinching her frock .
Nevadita was getting uncomfortable by the strange behaviour of the kids.
Then Aman came and he protect nivadita .Aman ask to nevadita who are you and where did you came from and what are you doing here i was just 4-5year old was not able to answe…

NOBEL -A lost child iechi part -1(when ichie or nevadita lost her way )page 2

Page -2
THE story of iechi start when her mom went outside with her in the evening for hang out with her sweet daughter Nevadita .Nevadita was ichie .ichie the real name of nevadita .
       It was a nice evening ,the wind was cold and the clouds were  mumbling with a loud sound .the evening walk was fantastic i (nevadita) played lot with my friends .but soon the evening came to end and darkness take place.
My mom called me " come here nevadita "we are getting late .
  But it get too much late .when we were returning from the park  ,we fell some insecure .because a car was following us .
   All of a sudden a man pulled out his gun and he started shute  on us .
   And my mom fall down to the ground ,i was trying to wake up my mom they all run away from there  .there was only me with my mom and a lonely street than i saw a car on the
Lonely street and i started following it i was crying wate hold on my mom is not hearing me .
But the car did not stop when i turned i w…

NOBEL - A lost child iechi part -1 (introduction of the characters and the nobel ) page 1 author - kesar sharma .

Part - 1
Page -1
This is the first part of my nobel. I am going to tell you the whole story of my nobel  "A lost child iechi" .
The main character -  ichie , a girl of age 5 year.
Vama - iechi's mother
Aman - iechi's friend
Suman - iechi's friend
Mala baba - a shopkeeper who sell the food
Rama -  neighbour of iechi
Kalam - ticket collector
Other characters are not much important but every person plays an important roll in the journey of iechi's life .
   The main character iechi is an brave girl or the circumstances made her brave .iechi is a 4 year old girl who lives with her parents in south malaha near mumbai . She was spending a happy child life but her destiny made her something different .
      Vaha is iechi's mother she has a nice family and cute daughter name nevadita  .she is happy with her married life  .This family is an rich family because nevadita's father is an business man .
      Aman is an brave guy of 7 year old who i…